Tore Tellefsen

Tore is the COO of Data+Math where he is responsible for customer and partner facing activities and operations. Tore brings more than 15 years of experience in the support and operation of advanced advertising products and services for TV and Video. Before Data+Math, Tore was VP of TV Solutions at DataXu where he was responsible for leading DataXu’s programmatic television business and helping its advertisers to better understand and engage consumers across connected, addressable and data driven linear TV. 

Previously, Tore served more than eight years at Microsoft, where he was Director of Video Advertising with responsibility for monetization strategy, operations and analytics for Microsoft's global video advertising business. This followed Microsoft's 2008 acquisition of Navic Networks where Tore was VP of Program Management with responsibility for customer and partner operations. Before Navic, Tore held roles as a CEO & co-founder, Wall Street analyst and management consultant. 

Tore holds a BS in Computer Engineering and BA in Economics from Lehigh University.