Matthew Emans

Matthew is the co-founder and CTO of Data+Math where he is responsible for our engineering, data science and product functions. Matthew co-founded Data+Math with more than 15 years of experience in the development and launch of innovative advanced advertising and data driven products for media. Most recently, Matthew was CTO and co-founder of IntegralReach, where he developed the first audience based sell-side system for TV. IntegralReach was acquired by ROVI (now TiVo) in 2013, becoming Rovi Analytics.

Previously, Matthew was VP of Product Management for Navic Networks (acquired by Microsoft in 2008), where, as the leader of product, research and development groups, Matthew lead the development of Navic’s caching protocols, distributed ad management solutions and set-top data processing.

Throughout his career, Matthew has succeeded by applying solid engineering principles to deliver innovative and successful products to market. Matthew holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science from Harvard College.